Who I Am Combining a passion for individual and community health improvement, NutriDS will partner with clients to create healthy customized meals plans, offer non-intimidating nutrition education all while enjoying good food.
What I Do My mission is to improve individual and community health through nutrition, promote a less intimidating environment by simplifying nutrition education concepts and whenever possible, engage in professional collaboration and partnerships to help reduce obesity rates.

Your Nutritionist Danielle Smiley

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Born in Miami, FL to a family that values health in it’s purist form, I was encouraged from a young age to make healthy choices and put my health first. You could say I was destined to end up in the health care field.

After graduating with a Bachelors in Nutrition, I began my career as a Community Nutritionist in 2005. I began to notice a few things as I started to work on my craft. My clients wanted to make healthier choice, but they were intimidated by information they received from their health care providers, thoughts that they would be judged by others or not really knowing where to begin.

These interactions influenced my counseling style in a major way and I’m proud to say, it’s been almost 10 years and my clients still look forward to our sessions; mostly because they lead them! I am always there to support and encourage them to reach their goals.

NutriDS aims to first listen then partner with clients to create a sustainable strategy towards wellness. These are lifestyle adjustments not quick fixes. Begin the journey. It is my pleasure to assist you.



Looking for a a simple guide to get you back on track to healthier eating? I have a number of options from the most basic to a completely customized plan built with your needs in mind. 


Education is key! Learn and internalize concepts that will help improve your health status. Individual and group consultations available. 


A baby’s health starts even before conception. If you are thinking of starting a  family or are already underway I will assist you in getting your baby off to the best possible start. I’m also a Certified Lactation Counselor and can offer advice on breastfeeding best practices. 




Nicole R.
Hartford, CT

Danielle exceeded any expectations I had of a nutritionist right from the start. While I was pregnant, she listened to me talk about my eating habits and continued through my postpartum/breastfeeding stage. Encouraged me to set my goals going forward without judgement and was actually very supportive. She understood my lifestyle priorities and was able to give useful suggestions without trying to change my life completely. Now that I’m pregnant with my second child, while still breastfeeding, she makes sure to keep up with what’s going on in each stage and treats such an important and sensitive time in my life with so much care and patience. Danielle is amazingly down to earth and makes you feel welcomed from the first time you meet her. I always felt even my smallest questions or concerns were valid to her.

Chateau M.
Dallas, TX

Danielle has helped me look at the way I eat in a new and inspiring way. She really got to know me so she could personalize my plan instead of giving me generic advice. It is great having her for support and never feeling judged for my shortcomings, which makes moving toward my goals much easier. I have an entirely different attitude about food and weight loss. It is something I actually look forward to working on rather than a dreaded diet.

Fakeerah T.
Spartanburg, SC

I really appreciated Danielle taking the time to create a flexible meal routine for a busy person as myself was very helpful in keeping me on track. The frequent check ins and encouragement were also great as we tend to fall off track, but she made it feel as though she was right beside me.